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JC4 Futbol COACH

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Name: Javier Cruz

Hometown: Michoacan, Mexico

Favorite Team: FC Barcelona

Coaching Philosophy: Players are complex individuals who develop at their own pace. Personally, I believe that in order for players to improve they need to practice well and often. I believe that sports provide a platform for players to express themselves and by pushing  them and giving them the confidence they need it gives them a bigger chance to succeed on the pitch.



  •  10 years of coaching experience across different levels

  • College and Semi-pro playing experience  

  • USSF C license & waiting on enrollment for USSF B license

  • BFut educator level 2 (Brazil)

  • Barca Academy Coach Diploma (Spain)

  • Advance Tactical Analysis

  • USC 7v7 Diploma

  • USC 9v9 Diploma

  • USC 11v11 Diploma

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